Whooo's watching you?

* Live Owl Programs *


Marcia and Mark Wilson founded Eyes On Owls in 1994 as an educational enterprise that brings wild owls to your school or group so you can learn more about your wild neighbors and their habitats.

The owls we care for at Eyes On Owls are permanently disabled - that is they can't survive on their own in the wild. Many of the owls are survivors of collisions with vehicles. We give each owl a safe, clean, low stress home and all the mice they need to eat (owls don't eat plants, of course). Several times a week, we bring a selection of owls to a school or group program to help people learn about these fascinating birds.

We have federal and state permits to display the owls for educational programs. The owls ARE NOT pets. Our owls have sharp talons and beaks, special dietary and health requirements, as well as special housing we custom build for each bird. Non-flighted owls get handicapped ramps in their aviaries.

Eyes On Owls brings live owls to you and your group. Our facility is not open to the public - this way the owls get the rest and shelter they need to stay healthy.

To book a program call 978-649-3779 or email us at info@eyesonowls.com

Marcia and Mark Wilson bring live owls to their Eyes On Owls programs. They are shown with an Eurasian Eagle Owl (left) and a Snowy Owl (right). Photo by evanrichman.com

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